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F1 Speed & Korean Flair: New HJC Helmets Arrive!

Entro Cycles welcomes the arrival of two exciting new HJC helmets: the F1-inspired Furion 2.0 Oracle Red Bull Racing V2 and the culturally inspired IBEX 3 Dancheong Special Edition.

New Kogel Products in Colour!

More bling and performance for your bike!!

Ultrahuman Ring AIR: Your Ultimate Health Companion

Introducing the Ultrahuman Ring AIR: Your essential health companion. Track sleep, activity, recovery, and skin temperature with ease. NO SUBSCRIPTION! Waterproof, with LED light and Bluetooth connectivity. Elevate your well-being today.

New Arrival: Koo Alibi Strade Bianche Limited Edition Sunglasses

Discover the new Koo Alibi Strade Bianche Limited Edition sunglasses. Available in black matte and matte light dust, both with Sunrise mirror lenses, these sunglasses combine style and functionality for cyclists and runners.

Building Excellence: The Ridley Falcn RS by The Boring Bicycle Company & Bike Bros

Discover the artistry behind the Ridley Falcn RS. Watch as The Boring Bicycle Company and Bike Bros expertly assemble this high-performance bike, highlighting its standout features and superior craftsmanship.

Tons Products Now Available at Entro!

We are thrilled to announce that Tons products are now available at Entro! This exciting partnership means you can now access Tons' innovative and eco-friendly cycling and fitness gear right here in our store.

Introducing the Fanttik X9 Pro Flagship Tire Inflator – Unleashing Efficiency

Introducing the Fanttik X9 Pro Tire Inflator: Fast, versatile, and user-friendly. Experience efficient tire inflation like never before.

Fizik Vento Omna: Now in WIDE FIT

A performance road cycling shoe that blends many of the leading features of our pro-level products with a wider fit.

New Collection: HJC IBEX 3 & VALECO 2

Introducing two eagerly awaited models from HJC's performance cycling helmet lineup!

Ridley Complete Bikes Promotion Extravaganza

Secure Savings - $1000 Credits, Free Servicing, and More! Act Before the GST Surge in 2024!

NEW: Koo Alibi Cycling and MTB Sunglasses

Half-frame sunglasses for road, mountain-biking, gravel cycling and everything in between!. Coming in different frame colours and lens type between mirror and photochromic variations. Pick your style!

Soar to victory with the new Ridley Falcn RS

The Falcn RS is the perfect companion for cyclists who are in search of a bike that’s light for climbing, aero and stiff for sprinting and stage rides. Thanks to its lightweight frame with aerodynamic features and wider tire options, this is a fast, top-performing road bike that will exceed your expectations.

Introducing the Brand-New 3T Strada: Subtle Changes to Everything

Discover the all-new Strada, featuring subtle yet significant updates that enhance aerodynamics, comfort, and adjustability. With internal cable routing, compliance with new UCI rules, and improved usability, the Strada is set to redefine the standard for aero road bikes.

Introducing the Fanttik x8 Apex Tire Inflator: Your Ultimate Inflation Solution

Introducing the Fanttik x8 Apex Tire Inflator – Your Ultimate Inflation Solution! Experience lightning-fast inflation, precision accuracy, and portability for all your tire pressure needs. Say goodbye to underinflated or overinflated tires and welcome a smoother, safer journey ahead with this game-changing inflator.

Introducing the HJC BELLUS: Your Ultimate Versatile Helmet Blend of Aero & Trendy Design

Discover the HJC BELLUS: a cutting-edge helmet blending aerodynamic prowess and stylish design. With advanced features like COOLPATH ventilation and SLID impact protection, this multi-use model ensures optimal performance and safety for both racing and recreational cycling. Available in a range of sizes and colors, the BELLUS offers a customized fit and sleek aesthetics, making it an ideal choice for riders seeking versatility and performance on the road or off.

Entro Fresh Build: Ridley Fenix SLiC - Metallic Copperisch Green/ White

Discover the captivating beauty of the Ridley Fenix SLiC, a masterpiece of cycling engineering.

NEW: Fizik Tempo Aliante and Vento Antares Saddles

Discover the world of cycling comfort and performance with Fizik Tempo Aliante and Vento Antares saddles. Explore the features that elevate your riding experience, from versatile comfort to optimized power transfer. Uncover the perfect saddle for your unique anatomy and style, designed to enhance your cycling journey. Saddle up and redefine your rides with Fizik's innovation and quality.

NEW: PEdALED Odyssey SS23 Collection

Discover the high-quality and stylish cycling apparel and accessories in the Pedaled Odyssey SS23 collection. Made with premium materials, these products provide comfort and durability for your next cycling adventure. Learn more!

NEW: PEdALED Essential Collection

PEdALED Men’s Essential cycling clothing collection has long been a staple for adventurous cyclists all over the world. Stock up on your Essentials today.

NEW: Rildey Complete Bikes (Grifn Allroad/ Fenix SLiC / Helium Performance)

3 new Ridley complete bikes have landed! A Grifn, a Fenix SLiC in a new colourway and an awesome Helium. Check it out now!